By | 5 January 2019
Best short hairstyles for women 2019

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In a nutshell: Stylish short hairstyles for women are and remain trend. And not only since Charlize Theron sacrificed her mane to a cool short pixie! Be inspired by our trend gallery for short hairstyles and find exactly the style that suits you!


short haircuts for girls 2019
A graphic form and strong gradations of the pony and the sides make up the distinctive look of the shortcut. Delicate shades, but also strong tones set hairstyles for short hair beautiful accents.

Anyone who loves extremes in short hairstyles can confidently sit back in 2019 and keep on reading. Perfectly cut graphic cuts with pink and purple, blue and red or black and white gradations definitely make for admiring looks. With strongly emphasized lips and impressively painted eyes, short hair is dramatically staged.


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Stylish shor hairstyles haircuts for women punk pixie 2019
The short hairstyle from the 80s is experiencing its revival in 2019 as well. While the lateral parts are quite short, the softly graded bangs are combed in the face. Dark brown shades with highlights in bold red bring the cult years back to life. Mushroom heads and ’80s styles are in fashion. The new versions of the step cut appear casual and casual. A subtle undercut provides for narrow side parts, length variations on the top and back of the head cause more volume and lightness. Absolutely fitting would be a glowing honey blond. The short hair trends 2019 can be staged with the right styling in a completely new way. An uncomplicated summer look quickly turns into a sophisticated and elegant styling for the evening.


Long Pixie Hairstyles 2019
Another trend among short hairstyles is the so-called Garcon look or boy’s look. On the top of his head, as well as on the sides, he is kept extremely short and is often styled a bit disheveled. The short-cut, round pony looks very feminine in contrast to the cheeky upright styled strands and the pointed side parts. The Garcon cut can be sleeker and more casual with straighteners or hair driers by simply styling the entire hairstyle.

Short hair cuts are particularly feminine, which are feathery cut and look rather unfritzt. They play around the face and look soft. Garcon cut, asymmetrical shorthair bob and 80ies short hairstyle have one thing in common – they can be quickly and easily styled and fall off!


short haircut women 2019
If the long mane is to give way to a short haircut, of course a little bit of courage is required. But change can also be a relief. Long hair is not only sexy, they also need a lot of care. Often the hair must be pinned up, as the lion’s mane in everyday life can also be very disturbing. Women with Rapunzel look often find their hair a burden over time, especially in the summer. It is clear that it is not always easy to part with the usual. But if you do not dare, you can not win anything!


Short Hairstyles for Women 2019
In times gone by it took a lot of courage to wear short-haired women’s hair short. But stars like Mia Farrow once faked it, proving that even a short haircut can provide a sizzling erotic look. Once the long hair is short, you will not regret it so soon – provided that the hairstyle fits your own type. Suddenly, there are numerous styling possibilities that you might not have expected before. Depending on the occasion, your mood and your hair can be ironed back, smoothed and curled – or transformed into a fluffy out-of-bed style.

What advantages characterize the smart short hairstyle?

Many haircut options
various styling variants (gel, curling iron, straightener)
easy care
a feeling of lightness
trendy look
multifaceted color effects (permanent color or hair gloss)

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Short hairstyles women of choppy curly bob hairstyles 2019


Women love the benefits of the short haircut, which, when properly styled, can be quite sexy. While the model Twiggy avant-garde made the short cut of the 60s acceptable, today stars like Posh (Victoria Beckham) and Emma Watson for the rediscovery of Pixie Cuts godfather. While women used to wear their hair shorter and shorter with increasing age, young women in the 20s and 30s already love this style today, try it out and often reinvent themselves.

The rasp-short style is pure sex appeal, if it’s done well and above all the color is right. But androgynous with a shaved neck or out of bed is not every good thing, which is why you too can work out a variety of varieties and combination options such as ultralow Sleek and extra shine her individual, feminine look.

Miley Cyrus Short Straight Boy Cut for Women
An indispensable styling tool for short hairstyles are straighteners, heat protection spray and hairloss for a perfect finish. The Pixie looks really chic only when every hair is sitting. Especially the pony party decides whether the short hairstyle is cheeky (fringed), cool (sleek – ultralarge and shiny), elegant (accurate) or punky (superscript or diagonally fringed). Structural game variants such as a curly shortcut with a straight bangs or sleek short hairstyles with a fringed forehead ensure extra refinement.

Accessories can also be used great on the Pixie: from hair bands to clips and clips in various designs to tiaras or smartly colored clip-in strands, there are no limits to your imagination and taste.


Lovely Short Haircut Women Would Love 2019
Especially men wear short hairstyles. This has not only practical, but often also hormonal reasons: For example, the androgenetic hair loss (alopecia), which in combination with a long hair ring usually tends to be neglected. While in other cultures and not too long ago long men’s hair was considered a symbol of strength and potency and is still valid today, this symbolism of long hair has changed in Western culture: at the latest with the sad events of September 11 – the sociological Studies – long hair as a sex symbol has increasingly been superseded by short hair combined with the long-neglected beard. To be found more and more frequently in urban areas, the popularity of this not too surprising male look is becoming more and more widespread.

Short hair cut is not the same as short hair cut: the classic style is not for everyone, which is why men with enough head hair opt for the round cut or – often to be seen in the older generation – opt for the Mecki Schopf. The more modern Mecki variant of the breakwater (the longer pony is pulled in the form of a triangle over the otherwise smooth hair) is more preferred by younger men and opens up a lot of creative scope: the pony party can be styled according to the occasion more flexible. Who has the luck of a full head of hair, that is given free play with the individuality.

Starting with the longer-left ponyparty on individual side strands up to the undercut or hair tattoo, everyone wears his hair as he pleases.

Short and sweet – KIDS LOVE ADVENTURE

Short Haircuts For Women 2019
Where it is not a question of faith, boys like to wear short. Long hair-drying procedures often cause frustration and boredom in small men, because there is so much more exciting to discover and experience. Naughty and modern should therefore be the cut and get ready for family celebrations neat – then the mom is satisfied.

Even today, the individuality is more important than ever before, from the naming to the point of shedding hair. Thus, even at the first haircut in the tenderest toddler age, emphasis is often placed on a very specific look. While many parents love to shave irresistible Iros or hair tattoos and do not shy away from hairstyling products for the cheeky (and durable) rascal look, other parents prefer the classic haircuts for their boys.

At least by puberty, the young barbers customers have their own will and decide their head at least in the frame itself.

Best short hairstyles for women 2019

Girls, on the other hand, generally tend to have long hair, but superficially they make the difference between the sexes, at least among the youngest. But here too exceptions confirm the rule. Girls who still wear short, but also love the beautiful and colorful accessories: it may like to be conspicuous or sumptuous – the younger the girl, the more colorful it’s usually on the head. A colored strand or pretty hair accessories such as hair bands, braided overlong bands or clips make every young lady too

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