By | 21 December 2018
Wedding Dresses 2019

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Wedding Dresses 2019, Wedding Dresses images, wedding dress fashions

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Wedding dresses can be so much: romantic with lace, sexy with a low neckline, very long with a lot of train, princess-like with tulle. One thing they are rather rare: really comfortable. Almost anyone who has ever supported a close friend at a wedding knows the quiet suffering of the bride, which gets louder as the evening progresses.


In addition the eternal problem with the small ram, which does not really need the newly married at the party, but somehow nevertheless: Handy, hair clips, handkerchiefs, something. In a classic wedding dress, she has two options: to run to her own place, if necessary, or a maid of honor, sister, friend, who is always available somewhere. Or: Your dress just has pockets.

On Twitter is just a woman celebrated whose wedding dress has exactly this advantage – and looks incredibly relaxed at their party. Her friend posted the photo. The reactions are overflowing with enthusiasm. “I LOVE DRESSES WITH POCKETS,” a user wrote in capital letters. Others shared their own pictures of their wedding dress with bags.

Wedding Dresses 2019

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Anyway, it would be nice if a lot more women’s clothes had pockets to stow the necessary bits and pieces, or simply to be able to put their hands into it casually. Men everywhere have pockets: in their pants, their jackets, of course in a suit. So why not equality for wedding fashion?

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